Foundation donates critical medical, food supply for COVID-19 battle September 30, 2020

Foundation donates critical medical, food supply for COVID-19 battle

The tall order of responding to the sudden health and economic crisis spawned by COVID-19 pandemic had put the St. Luke’s Medical Center Foundation at the center of emergency actions.
Since the start of the national quarantine period last March 16, 2020, the Foundation lost no time to initiate its own emergency COVID-19 Program primarily to contribute to the national efforts in: (1) helping the healthcare sector increase its capacity to ably serve the patients affected by the virus, and, (2) giving succor to the survival struggle of the families who are economically paralyzed as a result of the community lockdown.
The Foundation has adopted a two-pronged strategic approach not only to counter the crisis but more so to positively impact on the lives of the Filipinos. First, it launched its “Fostering the Frontliners Program” where it funds for the safety and protection of those in the frontlines so that they may continue to serve the patients and the Filipino people. This is done through the purchase of critical equipment and supplies like ventilators, air purifying machines, isolation gowns, Personal Protective Equipment, face masks, gloves, among others.
Second, the Foundation introduced its “Feeding the Families Program” where food on the table is brought to the most vulnerable among the Filipinos whose lives have been abruptly disrupted from one that makes for a daily living into one that strives to stay afloat for daily survival. It is a community outreach in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), and the Local Government or Barangay Units where relief goods are distributed to communities.
With the help of its benevolent donors, the Foundation was able to keep driving and fulfilling its mission to support charitable and social welfare programs so that quality healthcare can be made accessible to all through good and dire times.